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I continued to glower at him from various points around the gym over the hour that followed, and I was sure I caught his eye once or twice, but for the most part he remained focused on his workout. At one point, he looked over at me, then picked up his phone and began texting. I hurriedly checked Grindr to see if he was messaging me. I got a message from someone whose profile picture was a sunset.

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My James Franco left the gym. There he was, on my phone, my hipster glasses-wearing James Franco. I messaged him right away. By the time I went to work that night, John and I had set up a date for the following day. I was finally going to have my random Grindr hookup. Or I was going to fall in love, move to L. We decided on an organic juice bar near my apartment. There, he told me about the restaurants he had eaten at during his two-week stay in New York: I was confused.

But all that texting , I wanted to say.

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And those naked pictures. All those naked pictures. With my afternoon plans shot, I arrived at the theater early that night. I stood in the middle of the dressing room, tapping pictures, responding to some messages, ignoring others.

Grindr was the first big dating app for gay men. Now it’s falling out of favor

Jack, the dresser for the male ensemble of Chicago , came into the room, interrupting my absorption in a year-old digital marketing director. Jack was carrying a white laundry basket filled with the dance belts and black socks he placed at each of our stations night after night. From 30 to 35, he had been, for the first and only time in his life, confident and content. I wondered if I too would look back at that time—the days leading up to 30, the years spent dancing on Broadway and obsessively chatting with strangers on Grindr—as the highpoint of my life.

I had been operating under the pretense that hooking up with as many people as possible was a perfectly acceptable number-one-priority for a 29 year old to have. But what if my priorities never shifted or evolved? If I still had the same thoughts— get laid, get laid, get laid —at 49 as I did at 29, and I had never found anything that could match the high of being wanted, being desired, than I can see why, yes, tying a plastic bag over my head might seem like the only viable option. But I always assumed that the minute I left show business, I would begin to care more about the loss of human life in the Syrian uprising than about the level of visible definition of my abdominal muscles.

But then a man of 49, who made a life and career out of constructing a perfect lie, kills himself because his body has ceased to cooperate, become flawed, and most men in their 20s no longer wanted to fuck him. Was that what lay ahead for me and my generation of entitled, Grindr-absorbed men? What would happen when we began to sag and wrinkle and turn grey?

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Would we be shut out of the community that had only been ours because we happened to be young? But, I think, more than anything, I wanted what everyone on Grindr, and maybe even Bob Bergeron, wanted. He was standing in the doorway of my dressing room, the now empty white laundry basket balanced on his hip like an infant.

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And you have regrets. It can be painful. Very painful. What relief he must have felt. Finally able to stop his search for the next body to touch and be touched by, to have no regrets about how the last thing he ate was going affect his perfect torso, to cease the constant worry about those younger men with better careers, bigger apartments, meatier biceps, hotter boyfriends, un-receded hairlines. To finally let the faulty apparatus of his life crumble into what it was: I looked at my phone to see if the 24 year old had messaged me back. He had. I arranged to meet him at a midtown bar after the show that night.

I still had four months to lock down a boyfriend, change my priorities, create something to live for. Or I still had four months to have meaningless, uncomplicated sex. I was going to have something, or maybe nothing, before time ran out. The Chorus Boy Chronicles.

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You want to come over? Is that it? His skin was taut and tan, his hair was full, dark, and wavy.

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Become a patron. Suggested Reads July 18, Global War on Bedbugs: Letters From Bedbug City: If the people are scaring you, find another app! Lather, rinse, repeat, across several platforms. Across several years. At what point do you admit to yourself that what you are doing is the definition of insanity? Or at least terribly, terribly unhealthy? My phone was never out of my hand, and I was profoundly disappointed when it buzzed in my hand, only to bring me work-related information or a facebook like. I desperately wanted a boyfriend or a casual date or a hook up or frankly anything at all that would make me wanted.

The Gaily's photo | LGBT

That intense need to matter to someone, even if it was just for the length of an orgasm was eventually what snapped me out of the pattern. Worse than being un-attractive, worse than being out of vogue, worse than any other sin one could have on these apps is neediness.

The apps no longer run my life, but I still like them, to be honest. Ryan G. Hinds is a singer, actor, dancer, and writer who worships at the church of Judy. More at RyanGHinds.

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